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What software is required to run Captaloans?
Captaloans is web based so only an internet browser is required. Popular internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox are completely supported.
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What hardware is required to run Captaloans?
No hardware is required other than an internet connected computer.
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Is my data secure?
Yes. We've taken security measures and put in place policies to protect your data using the strictest standards. Your data and our servers are protected at a secure data center with complete power and internet redundancy. All client connections to Captaloans are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and any information stored on our data servers is then encrypted again before it is placed in your database. We maintain strict compliance with the VISA PCI credit card regulations and we employ SecurityMetrics® to continuously monitor our site for possible threats.
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Is the Lead Management Software included with the basic plan?
Yes. The Lead Management Tools are included with all plans.
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Does Captaloans sell mortgage, bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modification leads?
No. Captaloans provides lead management software but does not provide leads.
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Does Captaloans integrate with any leads providers?
Yes. Captaloans can be integrated with any lead provider that is capable of posting leads to an internet database.
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Can Captaloans be branded with my company name and logo?
Yes. We can replace the Captaloans name and logo with those of your company. If desired, we can also use a domain name of your choice. Using this method the application will appear to have been created exclusively for your company. It is a very popular feature for attorneys, loan modification, and loan processing companies.
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Can leads generated from my website be stored directly into my Captaloans account?
Yes. We can capture your customer submitted information and automatically save it as a new lead in Captaloans.
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What happens to my data if I decide to cancel my Captaloans account?
Captaloans provides the you the ability to export all your customer data before you leave. Your data is kept on the server for 14 days after your cancellation (in case you change your mind) and then is permanently purged from the system. There will be no way to retrieve your data once it is purged from our system. Customer data is never accessible by other clients or the Captaloans staff.
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Do you sell or share any of my personal information to anyone?
No. As a customer of Captaloans, all of your personal information (including your e-mail address) is private and will never be sold, rented, or shared to any external parties.
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Do you sell or share any of my client's information to anyone?
No! The data you enter into Captaloans belongs to you. We will never sell, share or access your client data. Captaloans and its parent, Interactive Ideas, Inc, do not hold any ownership to client data nor do we collect data for internal use or for sale to other vendors. That includes not only mortgage and lead data but also client information, e-mail addresses and other information that may be contained within the system. For additional security, please do not share your login information with anyone.
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Whose client data is it, anyway? When I put my client's information into Captaloans, who owns it and who can see it?
Your client information is 100% yours. No one else can see it, or use it. And when you leave, you take your data with you.
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Can I provide clients free access to view the status of their loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modifcation online?
Yes. This is one of our most popular features. You can give the clients or other interested party a secure login to view the status of their debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modifcation absolutely free. You are allowed 3 guest logins for each loan record you create and they can review status as often as they like. Eliminate constant phone calls and allow your customers the ability to check loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modifcation status online.
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Do the guest accounts count as one of my user subscriptions?
No. The guest accounts are free and do not count as a user subscription. For each loan record created we allow up to 3 guest accounts for your clients to use to check status. Give one to your borrower, affiliate, and broker.
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Is there a limit to the number of loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modifcation records I can create?
No. You can create an unlimited number of loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modifcation records.
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Can I customize the form or data fields?
No. At this time we do not have this feature.
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Will Captaloans work if we have a firewall at my office?
Yes. Captaloans uses standard internet protocols permitted by most firewalls. If you have internet access at your office you should have no problem using Captaloans.
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Does Captaloans have an import/export utility?
Yes. Import/Export tools are provided with Single, Basic and Premium subscriptions. These tools allow you to import/export Lead, Loan, Debt Settlement, Bankruptcy, Loan Modification and Address Book records into your Captaloans account via CSV (comma separated variable) files.
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Can a Loan Coordinator perform the data updates for all my loan agents?
Yes. A Loan Coordinator Group is created by default and has access to all lead and loan data for every agent. Loan Coordinators update records and assign loans or leads to individual agents. This allows for a single person to handle the record updates for all your loan agents.
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Are program updates and feature enhancements included?
Yes. All program and feature updates are included with your monthly subscription.
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Can I change plans or delete user licenses at any time?
Yes. You can delete user licenses, change plans, or cancel at any time.



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