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loan mod software
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Designed for single office-environments
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$51.00 per month - Includes 3 user subscription
Each additional user only $17.00 per month

Designed for the single-office firm that needs straightforward lead management software with loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy and loan modification tracking tools. Get all the core features of Captaloans at affordable small business pricing.

Great for bankruptcy attorneys, paralegals, credit repair specialist and loan modification processors.

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With the BASIC plan you get all the core features of Captaloans Enterprise CRM Software at affordable small business pricing. Easily manage and assign leads to your agents. Converted leads become Mortgage, Debt settlement, Bankruptcy or Loan Modification records you can track. Check status through the pipeline and monitor agent activity to ensure productivity goals are being met. The BASIC plan includes a 3 user license and allows you to get set up and running quickly. Add or remove users easily or upgrade to the PREMIUM plan at any time.

There is no need to have separate software tools to manage your Mortgage Leads and your Pipeline. Captaloans builds robust yet simple loan, debt settlment, bankruptcy or loan modification CRM features right in, so you can take advantage of true end-to-end customer tracking from a new lead to a converted loan mod.

Most CRM systems are complicated and only track your mortgage leads until they convert. Captaloans provides a simple one-click conversion to convert any lead into a loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modification record. Simple aging and performance reports allow you to gain information on average time to convert, time to close, or agent performance.

Manage Agents easily by monitoring open leads and tracking activity. Graphical indicators tell you how many phone calls, emails, or client meetings each agent has had with each lead or loan mod. Prioritize leads and assign them on the fly. Ensure your agents are aggressively pursuing all the leads you provide them. As leads convert, track which agents close the most loans or loan mods, how many points are associated with each loan, and who your top performers are.

Provide your customers a private login so they can securely view the status of their loan, bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modfication process. Save time by eliminating customer phone calls for status.

Create email alerts or task reminders to notify you every time a particular action happens or if you need to be reminded. Receive an email every time a lead is converted or every time record is closed. Create unlimited email alerts and tasks to keep yourself, your processors, your attorneys, paralegals and clients notified of important changes to status.

*Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, or Firefox (or compatible browsers) 1.5 or higher.

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