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Designed for single office-environments
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$51.00 per month - Includes 3 user subscription
Each additional user only $17.00 per month

Designed for the single-office firm that needs straightforward lead management software with loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy and loan modification tracking tools. Get all the core features of Captaloans at affordable small business pricing.

Great for bankruptcy attorneys, paralegals, credit repair specialist and loan modification processors.

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Leads & Customers Tracking - Manages leads as they are happening. Track who's hot and who's not. Record specifics and document the qualifications of potential customers.
Loan Modification, Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy data entry/updates - Quickly modify bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modification data and update status. Use the document checklist to denote which documents are required and which have been provided.
Email Task Reminders - Configure task reminders to email you on specific dates and times. Never forget an important task specific to your loan, bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modificaiton cases.
Document Upload/Download - Attached pdfs, word docs and images to each of your loan, bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modification cases. Collaborate with your customer and peers by sharing files.
Financial Calculators - Use built in Back DTI and Front DTI calculators to quickly determine if your potential client is qualified for a loan modification.
Debt Settlement Payment Schedules - Use built in debt settlement payment schedule generators to calculate payments for your clients.
Import/Export records - Easily import and export your lead, debt settlement, bankruptcy and loan records. Import data from other popular CRM applications your business uses. Unique mapping feature allows you create reusable templates to your favorite lead lists or address books.
Customer Address Book - Keep records of current and past customers. Look up lead and loan history and remember particular customer needs the next time you contact them.
Campaigns Management - Create marketing campaign records and link them to leads, bankruptcy, debt settlement and loan modification records. Generate conversion reports and determine your ROI.
Aging Indicators and Notifications - Get visual cues and email notifications based on the age of loan, bankruptcy, debt settlement and loan modification records. Color coded indicators visually alert personnel to cases that have reached critical dates.
Auditing - Keep track of when a mortgage, bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modification record was modified and by whom. Every record is time-stamped and marked with a user id to indicate who last modified data.
Pipeline and Funded Summaries - Quick summaries allow you to track the health of your business. Get a snap shot of your totals at any time using Pipeline reports. Track the performance of your business month to month using "Funded" reports. Print the reports for easy review and storage.
Create/Manage Users - Your account allows for the creation and management of additional users. Owners of the account can add and manage additional users as needed. Managers can quickly assess pipeline data for each of their users, giving them a much better and more detailed snapshot of the organization.
Manage Your Account - Captaloans provides a management console that allows users to all portions of their account online. Change passwords, view billing history and update account information online securely.
Customer Online Access - Optionally send your customers email updates on the status of their loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modification directly from Captaloans. Allow customers to securely view status information online. Eliminate constant phone calls and allow your customers the ability to check status online.

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