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Captaloans is sunsetting on Dec.31st, 2023

CaptaFi: The New Way to Manage Your Agency
loan mod software

We are excited to announce the launch of CaptaFi, the new and improved version of Captaloans. CaptaFi is a more powerful and user-friendly financial management tool that will help you take control of your finances like never before.

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For more indepth information and to register on CaptaFi please visit

Why are we replacing Captaloans?

Captaloans has been a great product, but it's time for her to retire. With that said, we will be turning our focus to our new product called CaptaFi. CaptaFi is built on the latest technology and includes a number of new features and improvement, that will help your agency be more effective and efficient.

What are the benefits of CaptaFi?

CaptaFi offers a number of benefits over Captaloans:

  • CaptaFi is based on the Captaloans framework
  • Maintained familiar user interface and business verticals
  • More powerful features for managing your agency
  • Integrated eSignature and Phone systems
  • Improved security and reliability
  • And more

When will Captaloans sunset?

Captaloans will be discontinued on December 31, 2023. This means that after that date, Captaloans will no longer be available and you will need to migrate to CaptaFi in order to continue managing your agency.

How do I migrate to CaptaFi?

Whether you are an existing Captaloans user or not, migrating to CaptaFi is easy. Simply give us a call at
+1 (833) 932-2782 / (833 92-CAPTA) and well help you get started.

Register now and get Two Months FREE!


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