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loan modification software
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Captaloans is sunsetting on Dec.31st, 2023

The CASE for Captaloans lead tracking and pipeline management:

Convenient: Web-based and accessible from any PC or laptop with an internet connection. Give clients 24/7 access to loan and loan modfication status. Get quick snap shots on your business, from lead generation right through to closing files, anywhere, anytime.

Affordable: Single, Basic and Premium plans are designed to be cost-effective for small and growing businesses, as well as established, multi-location firms. Easy to use interface gets your users up and running quickly without a lot of lost time in training.

Simple: No complicated software to install or servers to maintain because we host it all for you. Easy-to-navigate console gives you quick updates at a glance. Reassign leads, loans, and loan modifications on the fly with a single click.

Effective: Track top-performers and underachievers, pinpoint bottlenecks before they become real issues, spot trends while there's time to make the most of them. No more whiteboards, spreadsheets or confusing email trails to get your information.

Captaloans is designed to be flexible and grow with your business. Add and delete users or upgrade to the PREMIUM Plan to create multiple branches and take advantage of rolled up reporting. Learn more about our plans here and choose the one that is best for you.

Spend more time making smart decisions about your business and less time trying to provide status to loan or loan modification clients.

Captaloans grows with your business. Add and manage users, or easily upgrade to the PREMIUM Plan and take advantage of branch management, enhanced and roll-up reporting, role-based access and more. And, upgrade with no downtime or data loss... we take care of loan data transfers seamlessly and securely.

Use the Captaloans Leads tools to distribute leads quickly based on profiles and permissions already set up in Captaloans, and reassign them on the fly based on real-time status and performance reports. Combine lead management with campaign tracking to get a true picture of marketing campaign ROI. And, with Captaloans Reports tools, you can analyze lead sources, campaigns and agent performance so you can make the best decisions to manage your business.

Efficient lead management, increased conversions, improved ROI, informed decision making capabilities... Captaloans gives you both true pipeline tracking and lead management tools in one Convenient, Affordable, Simple and Effective application.

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