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loan modification software
loan modification software
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Designed for businesses with multiple users or branch offices
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Built to help growing, multi-office firms that want the advantages of lead management with loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modification tracking. In addition, create branch offices and customizable user permissions. Get enhanced reporting and real-time status of all corporate and branch office activity in a simple web-based management tool.

Great for bankruptcy attorneys, paralegals, credit repair specialist and loan modification processors.

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With the PREMIUM plan, you get reliable, secure pipeline management software that is always online and always available. And that means you can manage your agent activity and pipeline the way that makes sense for your loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modification business.

There is no need to have separate software tools to manage your Leads and your Pipeline. Captaloans builds robust yet simple lead management with loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy and loan modification tracking software features built right in, so you can take advantage of true end-to-end customer tracking from Lead to Debt Settlement, Bankruptcy or Loan Mod.

Most CRM systems are complicated and only track your leads until they convert. Captaloans provides a simple one-click conversion to convert any lead into a loan, bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modification record which allows you to continue tracking that customer from start to finish. Simple aging and performance reports allow you to gain information on average time to convert, time to close, or agent performance.

Create email alerts and task reminders to notify you every time a particular action happens. Receive an email every time a lead is converted or every time a record has changed. Create unlimited email alerts to keep yourself and your staff notified of important changes to customer status. In addition, configure email reminders to keep you on pace with all your tasks.

Creating Branch Offices is one of the most powerful features of the PREMIUM Plan. Quickly set up branch offices and get instant statistics of their pipeline through rolled up reporting. Stop relying on branch managers to submit monthly reports to get your information. Monitor your pipeline in real time. Set up branch managers with their own Captaloans account and allow them to manage their own office and their agents. All branch data is automatically rolled up to the parent so branch managers no longer have to spend time compiling a monthly report. Stay on top of your entire organization and allow your branch managers to spend their on time on submitting loans instead of reports.

Custom Permission Groups enable you to prevent or allow access to any part of the application. Restrict agents to view only permissions, grant coordinators the ability to update lead, loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy or loan modification records for all agents. Granular permissions allow you to customize Captaloans to meet your individual business needs.

Custom Branding of Captaloans is available for our PREMIUM customers. Customize the interface to include your company logo and colors. Imbed a lead generation form into your company's website to make it appear that captaloans as an extension of your company. Our developers can brand the application so it appears as though it was custom made for your company.

*Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, or Firefox (or compatible browsers) 1.5 or higher.
**branding options are priced separately. Call for details

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