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loan pipeline bankruptcy paralegal crm software
Designed for single office-environments
bankruptcy attorney crm software
$51.00 per month - Includes 3 user subscription
Each additional user only $17.00 per month

Designed for the single-office firm that needs straightforward lead management software with loan, debt settlement, bankruptcy and loan modification tracking tools. Get all the core features of Captaloans at affordable small business pricing.

Great for bankruptcy attorneys, paralegals, credit repair specialist and loan modification processors.

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bankruptcy attorney CRM software CUSTOMER ONLINE STATUS - Allow customers to securely view status information online. Eliminate constant phone calls and allow your attorneys, paralegals, borrowers, brokers, or affiliates the ability to check status online.
lead management for your bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modification files ACTIVE LEADS - Easily view the activity of each lead. Update, convert, or reassign leads simply and easily. The simple interface allows new users to get up and running quickly without having to waste time in training.
debt settlement CRM software OPEN LEADS, LOANS, LOAN MODS, DEBT SETTLEMENT OR BANKRUPTCY CASES - Quickly scan your entire pipeline. Colored indicators tell you how many days each lead, loan, loan modification, debt settlement or bankruptcy case has been opened and if any are in need of attention. Clicking on the Lead, Loan or Case Number will bring up the repective Lean, Loan, Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Loan Modification Details view.
loan mod software LEAD/LOAN/LOAN MOD/DEBT SETTLEMENT/BANKRUPTCY DETAIL - Updating any lead, loan, bankruptcy, debt settlement or loan modification record is easy and intuitive.
generate ROI reports of your mortgage business REPORTS - Basic reports allow you to analyze the health of your business. Quickly determine what's working and what's not. Generate reports like Pipeline Summaries, Pull-Through Ratios, and more.

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